Our partners at Diva-Dirt.com and Pro Wrestling Eve will be putting the first ever European iPPV wrestling event in history this weekend, which features some best female wrestlers on the planet.

Pro-Wrestling Eve’s “No Man’s Land” iPPV will hit the internet Saturday as European grappling phenom and EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin will face the powerhouse from Germany Alpha Female for the company’s top belt.

Sjodin has trained with top MMA fight Rosi Sexton, and has competed in several submission bouts under the Pro-wrestling Eve banner.

Alpha Female is considered one of the top stars of Pro-wrestling in Europe, and her size and strength make her an intimidating opponent. She has yet to be pinned or submitted.

Also on the card, an eight woman “Queen of the Ring” tournament has been set up to establish a new #1 contender for the title. Ohio Valley Wrestling alums the Blossom Twins will return to their home country for the tournament, with Ice Ribbon vet and EVE staple April Davids also entering the foray. Rhia O’Reilly, Kay Lee Ray, Nikki Storm, and both members of Glamour Gym will also participate.

Two bonus matches will air as well. The EVE vs. Japan’s Ice Ribbon match between Emi Sakura and Hikari Minami versus Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikaru Shida will be shown in it’s entirety, and a yet to be seen match between  match between WWE developmental wrestler Britani Knight (Saraya) and EVE champ Jenny Sjodin will also stream.

You have never seen action like this on US television and if you think you know female pro-wrestling, think again.

The event will emanate from The Delphi Club in Sudbury, England.

Diva-Dirt.com will stream the event for $16 starting at 2 p.m. eastern/11 a.m. pacific Saturday.


It was a surprising announcement last week when Viacom bought out Bellator MMA and announced it would be moving to Spike in 2013. So far, Bellator has had some of it’s talent on TNA’s Impact Wrestling program over the past few months to help promote their MMA product. Bellator has also ran ads for TNA during its broadcasts.

We should be excepting some changes in terms of Spike as 2012 progresses. Viacom has made it known that they plan to change the focus on the channel to start including more women in their viewership; while maintaining their male viewers. TNA has already started the rebranding process; changing their name of their flagship show from “TNA Impact” to “Impact Wrestling” this past spring. The biggest asset is their “Knockouts” roster, who could bring some female viewers in if they ramp up the drama.

The biggest change might be that “Impact” will be moving nights. Bellator on MTV2 is stuck on Saturday nights, which is constantly having to be compete with UFC programming. In the spring, we may be seeing Bellator changing nights again, with Friday and Thursdays great possibilities. When Bellator moves to Spike, it maybe a great possibility that they will take “Impact’s” time slot; which would gain them instant viewership and a better time slot. This puts “Impact” on another night (more than likely Tuesday or Wednesdays.)

TNA’s contract is up with Spike in 2012. What TNA has going for it is the ratings it is generating. TNA has had the best ratings of any shows on the network, and has gained momentum as it has just had it’s 2nd highest rated show in history two weeks ago. The new changes in format and change of booking direction seems to be the cause.

Will TNA stay on Spike TV? With the strong working relationship between TNA. Bellator, and Spike, it looks like a deal will come to pass. They will continue to compliment each other throughout 2012 and into the 2013 when Bellator comes to Spike.

It was my first time tuning into the Raw Afterbuzz show this past Monday and the hosts were insightful, knowledgeable, and entertaining for a life long fan of the sports as myself. With the current angle with the WWE Divas, complaints have started about the WWE hiring models and not bringing people that are more seasoned. Former WWE Diva and co-host of the podcast Maria Kanellis has some words for those critics.

Kanellis pointed out Trish Stratus was hired from being a fitness model to being a WWE wrestler. Stacey Keibler also was hired at first as a dancer in WCW, then became a wrestler. Both names are easily recognizable to any fan who has been watching for the past decade. Kanellis also pointed out that Stratus was a fan of Mickie James before she came to the WWE, and Stratus helped bring her in.

“Three things that a WWE wrestler needs is the spark, mic skills, and wrestling ability, in no certain order,” Kanellis commented on the Afterbuzz podcast.

I do agree with Kanellis that the current Divas that came in green have potential. It took me years to start to respect Trish Stratus, but I started to see her as a wrestler and less of a model. If there was one Diva I think that has potential of doing that for me, it’s Eve Torres. Last night she proved her worth in the division, giving Beth Phoenix a well deserved match.

Here is where I disagree with Kanellis. Passion has to be the #1 thing on the list of a WWE Diva. If you don’t have a passion for the sport, than you aren’t going to come off in the ring and on the mic as genuine, and it will not play to the fans. There also needs to be a passion to continue to learn and improve your game. Stratus proved that what she was willing to do. We haven’t seen that from Kelly Kelly or the Bella Twins. A running joke Monday night is that Miss Piggy could probably run the ropes better than Kelly Kelly.

The current program of champion Beth Phoenix taking one different Divas monthly will help a lot. The hope is that Phoenix and Nattie Niedhart will start to mentor and season these Divas to make them the wrestlers they should be.

I think that we as fans are looking for the WWE to step up and signed a few more seasoned wrestlers to help out as well. With FCW as a developmental territory, we can only hope that they don’t bring any Diva up too soon. We are also looking for the WWE to step up their game and see if the Divas are progressing like they should.

Fans are unrelenting, especially smart fans. As much as the sexiness is there for marketing, this is wrestling. We want to see great matches. There has been a lack of that and we hope to see this remedied.

Courtesy Ring Belles Online

After the success of the Ice vs. EVE events in Nottingham a few weeks ago, Ice Ribbon announced on their UStream show “19 O’clock Wrestling” that a special UK edition would be featured this coming Friday, Oct. 21.

Ice Ribbon’s Hikari Minami, Hikaru Shida, Tsukasa Fujimoto, and Emi Sakura all made the trip to be part of a three cards over the Oct. 8 weekend. No word on what matches will be shown, but expect some clips of them in action, as well as touring around London.

The “19 O’clock show” is on a semi-weekly basis on UStream airing 7pm in Japan/11am in the UK/5am eastern in the USA ET/5pm in Thailand. Click on any link to watch this coming Friday.

EVE v Ice Ribbon: Day 2 results

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Courtesy – Ring Belles

Day two of Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon is underway with a double header, kicking off with a matinee show before the finale this evening.

Matches that we know are taking place on tonight’s card include Shanna challenging Hikari Minami for the ICEx60 Championship – decided after Shanna and Erin Angel‘s loss to Emi Sakura and Minami on last night’s show – and Sakura will challengeJenny Sjodin for the EVE title after the Female Fight Machine retained the belt by defeating her tag team partner April Davids in the main event…

(Read the complete results by going to RingBelles Online)

EVE v Ice Ribbon: Day 1 results

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Courtesy – Ring Belles

The weekend we’ve been waiting for since it was announced back in AprilPro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon, featuring some of the best wrestlers in Europe against some of the best joshi talent in Japan. Later of this evening, EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin (who became a double champion in August when she defeated Aurora Flame for the NWWA Championship) will defend against her Northern Shooters tag team partner and European Empire teammate April Davids

(Read the complete results bu going to RingBellesOnline.com)

We are only days away from the most anticipated card in British female pro-wrestling history.

Pro-Wrestling EVE will host three cards this weekend in Nottingham, England, with the superstars from Japan’s Ice Ribbon making their way half way around the globe to compete on foreign soil. More than 20 wrestlers will be involved for this historic event.

Diva Dirt was able to break the news of some of the matches.

The Main Event of the Sunday night show will feature Pro Wrestling Eve champion Jenny Sjödin verses April Davids. This will be Sjödin first title defense since winning the belt, and had matched wits with Davids in a grappling match last year. Davids had recently return from Japan, getting some training from the Ice Ribbon wrestlers. Will Davids’ new found skills be enough to take the belt away from Sjödin?

In what will be a best of five series, the women of Ice Ribbon will face EVE.

Ice Ribbon’s Tsukasa Fujimoto will take on EVE’s Nikki Storm. Fujimoto was the longest reigning Ice Ribbon 60 champion, and had not only been a Ribbon triple crown winner; she held all three belts at the same time! Storm  has been gaining momentum as of late and looks to impress against the young but more experienced Fujimoto.

Ice Ribbon’s Hikaru Shida will take on EVE’s Alpha Female. Shida had a MMA smash mouth style of wrestling, which should match well with Alpha Female’s strength and power.

ICE Ribbon 60 Champion Hikari Minami & Ice Ribbon matriarch Emi Sakura will face ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna & ‘The All Star’ Erin Angel in a tag team bout. At only 16, Minami is a major star in Japanese wrestling. Her quickness and agility make her dangerous in the ring.  Sakura is the most decorated female wrestler of the past decade in Japan. She is also the founder of Ice Ribbon.

Shanna is the ultimate technician, while Angel is a well round veteran, while should make for a highly entertaining and well worked match.

Scotland’s two baddest women collide as Carmel Jacob faces Kay Lee Ray. Ray is a protege of TNA’s Douglas William and a rising star in PWE. Jacob is apart of one of the best tag teams in EVE, Glamour Gym, and seeks some success in the single’s division.

EVE will also have a guest match at Southside Wrestling Entertainment card at the same venue this weekend, as  Super Janey B looks to even the score against ‘The Fightin’ Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly following Rhia’s post fight attack a month ago (which can be seen below).

People can go to EVEWrestling.com for tickets and more info on this weekend’s card.

Pro Wrestling EVE Announced matches so far…

  • EVE Championship – Jenny Sjödin (champion) vs. April Davids)
  • Ice Ribbon’s  Fujimoto Tsukasa vs. EVE’s Nikki Storm
  • Ice Ribbon’s Hikaru Shida vs. EVE’s Alpha Female
  • Carmel Jacob v Kay Lee Ray
  • Rhia O’Reilly v Super Janey B
  • ICEx60 Champion Hikari Minami & Emi Sakurav vs. EVE’s Shanna & Erin Angel